We live in the countryside in Køge, 30 minutes south of Copenhagen - 3 acres of fenced in land, so both 2 and 4 legged, have a lot of spaces for fun.

We have always been dog people and even though we have enjoyed different breeds, it has always been dogs of the herding variety.

The Collie has always had a special place in our hearts, and in 2000 we got our first collie in our US import DKLPCH BRGPR Twin Acres Dancer In The Dark, and quickly knew that this was the breed for us!

The important foundation

Our fundation collies have all come from the Twin Acers kennels of Frank and Sharon Edler, Illinois USA - the most significant INTCH USCH DKCH NOCH Twin Acres Patrick Henry and his daughter Twin Acres Priscilla Alden, who are behind everything we have today.

We have been extremely fortunate in having such quality as our fundation and will strive to do our absolut best, to maintain the exceptional quality in the future.

The fun puppy time

Having collie puppies in the house is fun 

and so rewarding!

To have the pleasure watching helpless newborns evolve into happy adventurous individuals, is exciting every time.


Each litter is carefully planned and all of our time is dedicate to insure all puppies born here, have the absolute best fundation before they leve for their new family.