We live in the countryside in Køge, 30 minutes south of Copenhagen - 3 acres of fenced in land, so both 2 and 4 legged, have a lot of spaces for fun.

We have always been dog people and even though we have enjoyed different breeds, it has always been dogs of the herding variety.

The Collie has always had a special place in our hearts, and in 2000 we got our first collie in our US import DKLPCH BRGPR Twin Acres Dancer In The Dark, and quickly knew that this was the breed for us!



During the years we have

imported 5 collies from the US, all of them from Twin Acres of Sharon and Frank Edler. The mentoring we recieved from Sharon and Frank, will always be keept dear to our hearts, and we hope that we will be able continue the line, as a tribute to 2 wonderful people, who have the love and eye for correct collies. 

Our Imports have laid the foundation for our breeding, and we hope to be able to preserved and improve on what we have been given.

Our first litter was born in 2005, and the firstborn from that litter DKCH Be Exclusive's MemoryMaker is the Great great grand sire of our most recent litter in 2019, which makes the litter a straight line of 5 generations on their mother line.

We love to have fun

and puppy time is where we look into the future

Rough collies are our passion

and breeding sound correct collies to the standard, with outgoing happy temperaments, will always be our main focus.

We don't show much, but the very few we have shown, have easily gained multiple Champion titles.

We have until now breed 9 litters

Litter 1: May 23rd 2005 - 4 boys, 1 girl

Litter 2: March 15th 2007 - 1 girl

Litter 3: April 2nd 2007 - 3 boys, 5 girls

Litter 4: Sep. 9th 2007 - 2 boys, 2 girls

Litter 5: Mar- 10th 2010 - 3 boys, 2 girls

Litter 6: April 24th 2011 - 3 boys, 4 girls

Litter 7: Dec. 8th 2011 - 2 boys, 2 girls

Litter 8: May 28th 2015 - 5 boys, 2 girls
Litter 9: May 9th 2019 - 5 girls, 2 boys