It's time

for the puppies to leave for their new families and wish you all a long happy and fun life - we look forward to seeing you all again.

It has been a joy to get to know you all and we look forward to follow your journey in life.

Amazing how much these little bundles of joy capture your hearts and how empty the house feels when they leave.

Our keepers from the litter, will be introduced at a later time.

July 18th 2019   Be Exclusive's Collies

Be Exclusive's Collies

Personality the

puppies have in abundance and they are not afraid to show it!

Now it is full steam ahead and they have been on their first expedition outside the garden – they had a lot of fun down in the jungle.


They are now big enough to come on daily walks out on our big field.

New pictures and also a new video is up - link on the puppy page

June 24th 2019   Be Exclusive's Collies

We do a lot of fun things

and the puppies love it!

They turned 5 weeks on Thursday and they are exploring many new things - they want to be out in the garden playing.

Playing and exploring takes a lot of energy, so they all have a healthy appetite.

We have had nice weather that last couple of days, so we hope that it will continue.

New pictures and also a new video is up - link on the puppy page

June16th 2019   Be Exclusive's Collies

Collie hvalpe - 5 uger

The world is growing

and so are the puppies.

They turned 4 weeks on Thursday and it has been an exciting week, where they have be out in the garden for the first time.

Many new impressions and smells that needed to be investigated.

Now we only hope the weather gets better, so we can spend more time outside.

New video is up - link on the puppy page

June 8th 2019   Be Exclusive's Collies

3 weeks today 

and the first of the future owners came by for a visit, which both puppies and mommy Tahnee enjoyed. 

Like magic all the puppies were awake and enjoyed meeting new people.

Yesterday they had their first try eating and it went amazingly well to - a mess, but all of them gave it a god try and enjoyed their first meal, but still mommy’s milk bar is best.

There is a new video of their first meal on the video channel - link on the puppy page.

May 30th 2019   Be Exclusive's Collies


2 weeks and growing

eyes are open and they move around quite fast now, so mummy has to be fast when she enters the box, as they are all over the place.

All of them are thriving and gaining weight rapidly, we have fun weeks ahead of us.

The picture is of one of the bitches just after feeding :-)

May 23rd 2019   Be Exclusive's Collies


Almost one week

and all 7 puppies have already doubled their birth weight, so mother Tahnee has good and enough milk for them.

Amazing to see how our spitfire Tahnee has taken on her motherly duties, cool calm and collected - we could not ask for more.

The first critical week is over without any problems, so now we just look forward to the fun part.

May 15th 2019   Be Exclusive's Collies


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Welcome to the world

to 7 beautiful puppies by INTCH DKCH NOCH DKV2014 VDHESG2014 Be Exclusive's On A Winter Night X DKV2016 DKJV2016 KLBCH Be Exclusive's Breaking Hearts.

3 Blue Merle bitches, 2 Tricolour bitches and 2 Tricolour males.

We are thrilled and look forward to seeing these little wonders grow.

May 9th 2019   Be Exclusive's Collies


The nursery is ready

and so are we - the nearer we come, the more excited we get!

Mommy is doing great, the stomach has dropped but she still has a healthy appetite.

An exciting week awaits us.

May 5th 2019   Be Exclusive's Collies


The hard waiting time

We are now well into the last stage and what a wonderful round belly she shows, still first in line for our walks, but also very hungry!

During the coming week the "nursery" will be put up, so that everything will be ready - needless to say " we are so looking forward to these puppies!

April  28th 2019   Be Exclusive's Collies


A nest full of puppies

Ultrasound today showed a nest full of puppies - strong heart beats and good size, so now we "just" have to wait patiently for them to arrive around May 9th.


We look forward to a busy summer 2019!

April 5th 2019   Be Exclusive's Collies


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Collie puppies

As many follow our page and we get many inquiries, we just want to let you know, that the ultrasound will be on Friday April 5th - before then we don't know for sure if there are puppies, but before they are born we only wish and hope!

Just stay patient and we will let you know.


April 1s t2019   Be Exclusive's Collies

Collie hvalpe - Be Exclusive's
Collie hvalpe - Be Exclusive's

Be Exclusive's collie hvalpe

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Colliehvalpe - Be Exclusive's
Colliehvalpe - Be Exclusive's

Be Exclusive's collie hvalp

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Colliehvalpe - Be Exclusive's
Colliehvalpe - Be Exclusive's

Be Exclusive's collie hvalpe

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Collie hvalpe - Be Exclusive's
Collie hvalpe - Be Exclusive's

Be Exclusive's collie hvalpe

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Collie puppies expected in May

We are happy to announce that we after 4 years pause from breeding, will be welcoming a litter of Blue Merle and Tricolour puppies in May.

​We have high hopes for this litter, which will have an very interesting pedigree, line breed on our Twin Acres foundation collies, but also other very successful strong lines.

Looking for that special puppy, feel free to contact us.

March 10th 2019   Be Exclusive's Collies

Kopi af Smukke Priscilla_redigerede.jpg

2018 - another year gone by

and how fast time fly’s, even thou we haven't been active in the "collie world" and have only been to one show with one collie!


The year has had its up and downs - we lost our last US import, the magnificent Twin Acres Priscilla Alden in March, which was difficult but expected, as Priscilla was 13 years old and had taken a downhill road the last couple of months, but what a collie she was and instrumental for our breeding, as she is behind everything we have today and we hope to continue this line for the future.


We are missing you, but you will always be in our hearts - you were one of the great ones!

Our flock of collies is now 6 collies, 5 from age 7 to 11 and the our little spitfire Tahnee at age 3, so its time we take action and secure the future - hopefully this will result in a litter during 2019.


We wish you all a Wonderful 2019 - see you out there!

31. Dec. 2018    Be Exclusive's Collies