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The Boys - both are retired


Be Exclusive's Spirit Of Legends

Born March 10th 2010

Call name HINTO         Pedigree         Pictures

Hinto is from Priscilla's second litter, a stunning blue from birth and we never had any doubts about him staying here, as everything just clicked in this boy!

A very social and happy boy, that loves to be the center of attention - he just demands it everywhere he goes.

Hinto is the sire of our latest litter in 2015 and finally our dream of a blue merle girl came thru, as we got our fabulous DKCH KLBJCH DKV2016 DKJV20216 Be Exclusive's Breaking Hearts.

Be Exclusive's On A Winter Night

Born December 8th 2011

Call name KEEGAN         Pedigree         Pictures

​Keegan is our jet black jewel, from Priscilla's 3rd and last litter, but what a boy we got - he is so much like his grandsire Patrick in construction and not at least movement, because this boy floats.

If you want fun, Keegan is the answer, because he is our "clown" - he is always up for a game and if there is action, Keegan will be in the middle, he understand to live life to the fullest.

We look forward to have some Keegan offspring in the future, as he has so many virtues we love and want to preserve.

The girls


Be Exclusive's Sound Of Silence

Born September 9th 2007

Call name OCEAN         Pedigree          Pictures

Ocean is our spitfire of a girl, if there is action anywhere you can be sure, that Ocean is in the middle of it - enjoying life and make the most of every second is what Ocean is all about.


She is from Priscilla's first litter by DKCH Be Exclusive's MemoryMaker, and she is everything we hoped for, from that combination.


Ocean has had one litter of 7 puppies in 2011, sired by SEUCH NOCH KORAD Steadwyn Major Triumph and from that litter we kept the tri girl Be Exclusive´s Endless Love.

Even Ocean has passed the 13 year mark, she´s still just as agile and fun loving as ever and we hope to have the pleasure of her for many years.


Be Exclusive's Endless Love

Born April 24th 2011

Call name PIPPI        Pedigree          Pictures

Pippi is really Pippi in a dog version, adventurous and fun with a mind of her own, so you never know what to expect next from her.

She is from Oceans only litter, sired by SEUCH NOCH KORAD Steadwyn Major Triumph in a litter of 4 girls and 3 boys, so we had 4 girls to choose from, but from the beginning Pippi caught our eye.

Pippi has one litter of 7 in 2015 by INTCH DKCH NOCH Be Exclusive's Spirit Of Legends, and finally we got our blue girl for us in DKCH KLBJCH DKV2016 DKJV2016 Be Exclusive's Breaking Hearts.


Be Exclusive's Winter Love Story

Born December 8h 2011

Call name NORA        Pedigree          Pictures

Nora is together with her litter brother Keegan the clowns in our flock of collies, inventive and always on the move, you never know what comes next, but always with a smile on her face.

She is from Priscilla's last litter, sired by SEUCH NOCH KORAD Steadwyn Major Triumph and was the only sable girl in the litter of 2 girls and 2 boys.

Nora isn't shown much, but at the few shows she has attended, she really made it count and flew to all of her titles - she is an exceptional mover and has that naughty glint in her eye.


Be Exclusive's Breaking Hearts

Born May 28th 2015

Call name TAHNEE       Pedigree          Pictures

Tahnee is our wild child, but can also akt as you blanket, as she loves to snuggle, preferably on top of you and with her charme, she gets her way all the time.

She is from Pippi's only litter of 7 puppies, sired by INTCH DKCH NOCH Be Exclusive's Spirit Of Legends and was the only Blue Merle girl in the litter, so there was never any doubt about her staying here.

Tahnee is the mother of our 2019 litter by INTCH DKCH NOCH DKV2014 VDHESG2014 Be Exclusive's On A Winter Night - 7 wonderful puppies and we keept 2 stunning bitches.

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